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Once upon a time there lived a little old dairy farmer who was happily tending to his cows when there was a knock on his door - "Please sell me your land, sir.. I'd like to grow a vineyard".  

"I do not want to sell," replied the farmer.

So the vineyard grower camped out the front of the farmer's house until the farmer gave in and sold him the land.

Or so the story goes..

Kim Moginie and his wife, Francis McCormack planted the vineyard in 1983.  They continued their journey, building the winery and eventually selling their wares through the cellar door.

In 2016,  young couple - Siobhan Maloy & Matt Toomey - along with Siobhan's parents - Maureen & Paul Maloy - bought the estate to continue the legacy that is the oldest vineyard and winery in the Southern Highlands.

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